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A few testimonials from you

I just want to say a big thanks to George Valentino for such an amazing reading. All he did was ask me to get a pen and paper, He went on to tell me about my relationship with my parents, which month my Mother passed along with letters from her first name. Gave details of my work changes that had already happened, including that I worked above a 2nd floor, totally blew me away. He picked up that I was looking to make changes in my career and that I was happy in love which all made sense. No fishing for answers and no nonsense, this is what to expect with George,I wished I rang him sooner. Sheila June 2014

Dear George, I would like to thank you for your guidance and mind blowing reading, mentioning things about my past that are only known very close family, to the point that I recently moved and described my new house (spooky). We did get back together as predicted in October and I hope it works. You are truly a gifted man and the real deal. Regards Alan 18/10/2013

I Just Had a reading with George Valentino and he totally blew me away. The things he said were on point about my past, current situation and future I hope. All he asked is that I have a pen and paper, there was no questions like what do I want him to look in too. His dates were bang on when I changed work, my Mum's Birthday and my boyfriends name!!!! Try him for yourself and I am sure he will shock you. Thank you George x Amy 1/09/2013

I Knew immediately that George was the real deal and straight to the point. George told me things that nobody on earth knows about me. Keep in mind we had no communication before our session whatsoever, so he had no idea who I was.

Yet the insights he was able to give me were exactly what I had been needing so badly. it was eerie, fascinating and such a total relief - all at the same time! It was a truly an incredible experience. I was (finally) able to make a major life decision  after speaking to George - and had been SO stuck up to that point.

I know George can convert any Skeptic - you need to give it a try to see what I am saying is all true!

I would call George again and I am happy to give him my highest recommendation. Just prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience!!LL David Reading 18/ 8/2013

I had an action packed reading with George Valentino last night and he was worth the wait. it took me 3 weeks to get hold of George but i found out everything I needed to know he was spot on even told me my husbands dob, my height hair colour which spooked me. George is the real deal and please thank him from the bottom of my heart for all his help.

Dear George

My reading with George was like speaking to a friend who has known me since childhood. There was nothing George did not know about my past, present and I look forward to the future. I can honestly say I have had a few readings over the last few years and George was the best reader I have ever spoken too. His accuracy was amazing and he made me feel so much better and he did put a smile on my face. George is definately the one for a honest reading. Kind regards Janine

Hey George

I trust your fit and well. I came to see you in Jan and I wanted to tell you that you were right on
1) Got the job between the 13th March and 20th, it was 18th.
2) Work in a legal buliding, spot on old court house
3) Spoke to Randa after 9 months in Feb 21st, you said 23rd
George you are by far a cut above the rest of those that think they can read and I cant thank you enough. Justin Thanks,


George you are wicked guy and Fantastic at readings. Information was spot on, relevant and so so accurate. It was like chatting to a friend you made me feel at ease. You knew so much about me and my husband and kids including stuff about our early years that you couldnt have known. It was a very positive reading, gave me birthdays and anniversaries of family that were very, very accurate, so much to take in for the future. You are by the best by miles and I know the rest of the world knows that too. George you are the MAN.

M xxx

Dearest George Valentino

I came to see you last November, everything you told me about my husband came true even the name Lisa was relevant, I had no intention of moving house and sold it 2 months ago (Jan) as you said to a couple I know, I have got the job in Canada as you stated and I am moving there in May. No matter where I am you are the one who will be my spiritualist reader for remaining of my life.
love and regards Ruch

M xxx

Hi George,

Just wanted to let you know how much of a difference you have made to my life....I (like lots of people) am having a tough time but you, Mr Amazing, have made me handle my situation and feelings extremely well. You have given me an inner peace and so so much more.

I am now willing to allow love into my life and know it is on its' way! I am handling my work load alot better, as my friends were starting to get concerned about me and have noticed a difference too. Business has improved and I feel that it will get better too - you have been right on everything else, so why would this be any different!

Then I had a mad moment of losing my car keys which are on the same keyring as my house keys - so not only could I not drive home, even if I got a lift I wouldn't of been able to get into the house without calling a locksmith...after 3hours of searching everywhere and I mean everywhere.... I called you so I could hear a friendly and always calming voice - to which if you recall you told me exactly where they were. Bearing in mind you have never been to my Shop I found the phonecall a absolute god send. You told me that I go through the front door and that you felt you then go through something else, then behind something (which would be going through the gap to go behind the counter) and you said they were immediately to the right on the which I bent down moved a pile of folders and there they were!

So George not only have you made me find an inner peace with myself - improved me on a personal level, you have improved me on a business level an now you are going as far as to finding my keys!!!

I can't put into words what I think about you, you are truly amazing and to be honest - you already know........don't you!!!

Thank you and it is an absolute honour to know you.

M xxx

Dear George:

I thank you very much for what you are doing for me. This is the darkest moment of my life, it is pitch dark and I can see you holding the torch to light up my space. I have always in my life tried to be a compassionate human being, I have help lots of people without expecting anything back. I am not without my faults, and I have done some wrong in my life. Since going through these times my outlook of life has changed dramatically, the difference is like 180 degrees. I feel like I am much more a spiritual person and that this is what counts. I will never ever forget what you have done for me and the time, energy and effort you have given me. I am very grateful to you. As God is my witness he knows that what I am saying to you is pure and true.

With kindest regards and utmost respect


"Thank you so much for a fantastic reading today. As usual you were spot-on. You are a truly gifted, kind and sincere, spritual person. What also amazed me today was that you were able to tell me where my passport was , also in less than 20 seconds, after I was searching for it for over an hour. Really amazing you are. Thank you!!!"


"thank you so so much for amazing reading last pm. was gona send you a private mesg but though hey, people need to read this. YOU WERE INCREDIBLE!! I read the notes i made before i went to bed and got more out of it again!! You have changed my entire energy for the better. Thank you and God Bless. Big up the East End Massive.....lots of love Amanda

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