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Spiritual Alphabet

Acknowledgment is the key stone to self advancement and self understanding.

Believe in your self, Paying attention to what you believe, think and feel, means that you practice the process of self-observation and spiritual connection.

Control your emotions will give you strength over opponents and your weaknesses. Self control is the hallmark of a leader.

Discover new places, people and things, most important of all discover your self; even thinking about it is an instant progress.

Energy is one of the most powerful properties of our universe and spirit; it is formless, visible and invisible. Energy balances the environment, aura and well being. It is attracted and manifested instantly.

Faith is reason grown courageous. NEVER lose faith for it will empower your Great Spirit.

Grace is the divine influence of the heart and delivers the soul from despair and stress. Grace will shine on your spirit like the radiant Sun.

Heaven is the house of God, angels and loved ones who have passed. Think of heaven and your spirit beams a humble smile of reassurance and humbleness.

Illuminate your mind and become one with cosmos. Combining your energy with the universe will illuminate your path to understanding your spiritual journey.

Joy is the spice of life; love and happiness. When you have joy in your life, no one or anything can suppress you!

Knowledge is one of the secrets of empowerment. Develop a passion for learning and you will gain it.

Love will enchant your soul and spirit. Send love to the universe, all living and non-living things. Love your suppressors and your foes as they lack love for themselves and others in there lives. Above all love you!

What ever the situation, a Mothers love is always with you. Love your Mother and you are closer to the divine. RIP Mum.

Nirvana is when the consciousness is released, the mind becomes aware in a way that is totally unconstrained by anything in the conditioned or material world. Buddha

O the unbreakable symbol, the eternal symbol of our spiritual crown and spirit. We entered life pure with our spirit closest to the divine and pure love that lives within us…. It still DOES.

Peace: Inner peace is the seed of spreading love and compassion. Peace is with you and to those closest to your heart.

The dot before the circle: the ignition stage of self connection and the creative mind. Universal energy is in our environment to fuel quantum energy.

Our spirit and smile beam radiance, it is not only the room that is enlightened; it is equivalent to a bright star in a dark sky, intoxicating the one we shine upon.

Strength is discovered in every weakness! The key to strength is self confidence and self connection; when you’re feeling strength, share it to empower others that lack it.

Tara: (Star in Seek)
I dedicate this letter in the loving memory Dr Tara Singh who passed away aged 38 years old. Peace be with you and shine like the star you are, my best friend of 26 years, In our hearts forever. RIP

We all have a unique and special quality that only belongs to you, it is your spirit. Love, congratulate and reward yourself, because you are special and unique.

The key that unlocks the inner realms of the higher conscious self. Vision with your third eye and discover your sixth sense.

The universe is a personal wishing well. With focus, intent and belief you will create the driving force of your wishes manifesting to reality…Make a wish today.

No message would feel the same without a X’s. Kiss symbolism is a prompt of the relationship, and love that exists in our beautiful soul…. X.x.x.

We all have individual traits that exist in our spirit; appreciate who you are. Reflect the truth and best in you, by being the real you.

Zoe: Life in Greek, prior to your birth you were given life and your soul from the divine. Purity still lives within everyone one of us from the day of conception and ignition of our spirit.

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